Sokeri-Jussin Kievari

Wine list

The Tavern wine list consists only of biodynamic and organic wines from selected small producers. The wines have been produced respecting nature, according to the principles of sustainable development. The wines are authentic, faithful to their origins.
Let’s take it easy. Wine is, ultimately, an agricultural product.
  12 cl/75 cl bottle
TOMERO is Carlos Pulenta's vineyard in the Mendoza quality wine region in Uco Valley, Argentina. The Andes, old vines and the location at 1200 meters above sea level create excellent conditions for producing wine. All the wines are made from a single grape variety, no blends are used.
Tomero Torrentés 6.80/42.50
- the taste of this light yellow white wine is fruity and fresh with mineral notes, pleasant acidity .  
Tomero Malbec 6.80/42.50
- the taste of this ruby red wine is mouthfillingly fruity and slightly spicy.  
Anakena Vineyards
ANAKENA VINEYARDS is an ambitious and environmentally conscious Chilean winery. What makes it interesting is an exceptional attitude towards the terroir and the conditions of growth; most Anakena wines are single vineyard wines. Most of the wines of the estate are certified according to the principles of sustainable development.
Varietal Sauvignon Blanc 7.00/43.70
- fresh white wine with an intense, fruity taste. Notes of blackberry and blackcurrant leaves.  
Enco Reserve Pinot Noir 7.00/43.70
- a rich, intense and versatile red wine. Soft tannins.  
WIENINGER is an Austrian estate whose organic vineyards are located on the slopes of the Nussberg mountain that dominates Vienna. Wieniger produces its wines respecting the carrying capacity of the nature, using biodynamic methods.
Gruner Weltliner Herrenholz 7.50/46.90
- the taste of this white wine is dry and elegant with mineral notes, but sinewy and concentrated. Biodynamic.  
Wieninger Wiener Trilogie 7.80/48.80
- this red wine has a wonderfully juicy flavour with dark fruit and versatile tannins. Grapes Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Biodynamic.  
Eric Texier
ERIC TEXIER is a French organic winemaker and wine philosopher. The production methods on his vineyard are fully organic, and you can taste the purity in your glass.
Texier Adele 8.20/51.20
- this dry white wine has notes of citrus fruits and herbs. Full in flavour, fresh and balanced. Grape Clairette Blanche.  

Côtes du Rhône Villages Vaison la Romaine
- a rich, intense, masculine wine with strong fruits and an opulent texture. Grape Grenache.  
SPANIER-GILLOT is just a stone’s throw away Frankfurt, on the northernmost latitudes of the wine map. The soil is schist and limestone, and the vine roots must push through thick layers of limestone to get water and minerals.
Riesling Kalkglimmer “glitter of limestone” 7.20/45.00
- the white wine gets its name from the exceptional lime in the vineyards, saturated with mica. The taste is dry, pure, fruity and intense.  
Friedrich Becker
The wines of FRIEDRICH BECKER vineyard have received several awards in Germany. Ecological diversity is the starting point for producing quality wines. Becker is famous from their Pinot Noir wines that are known in the region by the name spätburgunder.
Spätburgunder 7.20/45.00
- this red wine is fresh but also vigorous. The aromas have traces of autumnal forest, cherry, bramble and cigar boxes.  
ERBALUNA is a vineyard owned by the Oberto brothers, located in the village of La Morra in Piemonte, Italy. The wines are grown organically. The Erbaluna wines are both elegant and expressive, both lively and youthfully fruity.
Barbera d’Alba La Bettola 56.80
- medium-bodied red wine with pleasant acidity and
nice tannins.
Giovanni Almondo
The CARLO BOFFA vineyards are located in Roero, in Piemonte, Italy. Carlo and Laura Boffa, a married couple, run their vinery in a traditional Italian way. Meticulous work on the vines guarantees ripe grapes of high quality.
Roero Arneis DOCG 52.40
- this dry white wine is fresh with hints of minerals. The wine is typical to its terroir with floral notes of jasmine and the aroma of yellow plums. An exquisite pleasure from the best wine region in Italy.  
Finnish berry wines
Genuine tastes of Finnish berries.
No extra color or flavouring.
  12 cl/75 cl bottle
Sparkling Cloudberry wine 50.80
- lightly sparkling, fresh and subtly sweet wine  
Rhubarb white wine 7.20/45.00
- softly acidic and fresh  
Lingonberry red wine 7.20/45.00
- pleasantly acidic with a rich lingonberry flavour  
Cloudberry wine 8 cl 9.80
- sweet arctic cloudberry wine
- excellent dessert wine!
Sparkling wines
  75 cl bottle
Sibelius Brut, France 42.60
- dry, fresh and pleasant sparkling wine  
Vall Dolina Brut Nature Reserva, DO Cava, Spain 44.80
- a mineral and balanced cava. Fresh acidity.  
Modi, Prosecco, Italy 46.40
- soft, pleasantly acidic organic sparkling wine produced by the Bronca sisters in Veneto, Italy